When a Dazzling Wedding Ring Is Your Thing- By Sofia Angeli

It’s a symbol of love, commitment and togetherness. The wedding ring becomes even more precious than its price tag because of what it represents. No wonder most couples want only the best they can afford when it comes to wedding rings.

There are even couples who specifically ask for rings that have more sparkle than the usual. If you’re also someone who thinks that simple wedding bands aren’t good enough for you, you should explore rings designed with multiple stones.  

For the Bride

Bridal set - Matching diamond wedding and engagement rings  are the ultimate for a bride who wants eye-catching jewellery. The band of the engagement ring would have the same stones and setting as the wedding ring. Usually, the only difference between the two rings is the centre stone on the engagement ring. 

The three-stone ring - It’s more often used as an engagement ring, but it’s actually one of the classic choices for wedding rings with diamonds. This ring setting looks romantic in vintage designs. If this is your style, highly recommended designs for both glamour and romance are Art Deco and Victorian.

Pavé-set diamond ring – Want to have a ring that looks like its band is made of solid diamond instead of metal? Go for a wedding band with pavé-set diamonds. In this setting, small diamonds are encrusted on the surface of the band with no visible prongs or other metal parts.

You can have the band covered with stones only halfway for a half-pavé, or you can have a full-pavé and have the row of diamonds go all the way around the band’s surface. You need to keep in mind, though, that a pavé setting requires more than a few diamonds that makes the ring more expensive than those with other designs.

Channel-set diamond ring – This is a more affordable alternative to a pavé-set diamond ring. A row of small diamonds, usually round or princess brilliant cuts, is placed in the channel inset of the wedding band. Instead of prongs or bars to support the stones, a thin strip of metal along the sides is used.

Aside from being less expensive, it’s also a more secure setting for your diamonds. However, the stones are partly hidden and won’t shine as much as they would in a pavé setting.

Flush-set diamond ring – The diamonds appear like sparkling dots on the band. Each of the stone sits inside a hole created in the band. It’s like bezel setting, but without the thin edge on top of the diamond. If you want only a scattering of sparkles in a clean and contemporary look, ask your jeweller to use this setting for your wedding ring.

For the Groom

Wedding rings for men were often just plain bands without any embellishments. But today, more and more men prefer to have a sparkling thing or more on their rings.

If you’re the groom and you wish to have diamonds on your wedding ring, you should have it matched with the ring of your bride. Usually, the wedding ring design starts from the style that the bride prefers. The man’s ring often takes on just the toned-down or the masculine version. A common wedding ring for him has a band thicker than hers and less number of diamonds.

You’re fortunate that more and more dazzling designs are available from jewellers these days. If you’re a couple who loves to show their individuality in everything they do, don’t limit yourself to traditional designs of wedding bands. Let your rings signify your unique personalities that will keep the genuine sparkle in your relationship.

About the author
Sofia Angeli is a PR & communications consultant for companies in various industries. In particular, she brings her writing skills and passion for travel, culture, arts and lifestyle, including wedding planning and engagement rings to the online world.

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