DIY - Charmed Thank-you Cards for Wedding Guests

by - 9:37 AM

Charmed Thank-you Cards for Wedding Guests

Materials and Tools:

clear flat bags (to fit card)
4"x6" folded card
3"x5" flat card
8" piece of ribbon
pewter charm (significant to the bride and groom)
hole punch (small diameter)
glue stick

1. Print the bride's and groom's initial on the lower portion of a 3"x5" card.

2. Print or hand-write a thank-you message inside a 4"x6" folded card. It would also be appropriate to include a note about the significance of the charm: for an Irish wedding, for example, one might choose a 4-leaf clover, or for a wedding at a winery, a charm with a small cluster of grapes could hold great appeal.

3. Center the flat card over the front flap of the folded card. Punch 2 holes approximately 1/4" apart and 1/2" down from the top, through both the flat card and the front flap of the folded card. You can either use traditional round hole punches or punch once with a "ribbon lace" punch that provides 2 slits in the card.

4. Thread ribbon through the holes, lacing the smaller card to the larger card, and tie on a charm. Trim the ends of the ribbon.

5. Slide the card into a clear flap envelope and seal the back. 

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