DIY- Bridal Shower Gifts bags

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DIY- Bridal Shower Gifts bags  

Recently found this DIY project on Bridal Banter From DexKnows Weddings and we just loved them!

The author was at a fiesta-themed bridal shower which had a taco bar and sangria with bright decor.

"The favor itself was little bags of candies with a CD of love songs in a sleeve featuring a photo from the bride and groom’s engagement shoot. Here’s a close-up."

•The bags and candies were from the 99¢ store.

•To come up with the songs for the CD, she combed through iTunes library for wedding/love/forever songs and Google-searched “wedding songs.”

•She found a template for the CD cover online and stole the cute picture from [bride] Kara’s Facebook album.

•Printed them off and spent an evening cutting and pasting the covers, then assembling the bags.

•She would have preferred to use a hole punch to put together the bag and CD with the ribbon, but I didn’t have one, so I just stapled the ribbon, bag and CD together and tried to cover up the staple with the ribbon. [Note from editor: She did a good job. I didn't notice the staple at all.]

•She got the blank CDs from the 99¢ store (3 for .99) and the ribbon, too.

•In total, she spent $12 at the 99¢ store and $7 on iTunes for the 10 gift bags, making each bag just under $2!

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