DIY- Aisle Runner

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DIY- Aisle Runner

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What you’ll need:
•36″ wide cotton muslin in length and color you desire. The fabric I uses was 36″ wide cotton muslin. This can be purchased at any fabric store, and is usually located with the quilting materials.

•A cardboard tube that’s at least 38″ long. I suggest using the telescoping mailing tubes. Cut off the ends and put the rough edges inwards, so the smooth edges are what show at the ends of your runner. Make the tube as long as desired and use tape to keep it from moving.

•Iron-on adhesive tape

•At least 4 yards of satin ribbon to use as pull cord

•Clear Packing Tape



•Tape one end of the runner fabric to the cardboard tube.

•Roll fabric onto the tube; try to make it as tight as possible.

•Once completely rolled, use the iron-on adhesive tape to make a finished hem at the front of the runner.

•Insert ribbon through one end of the tube and feed through to the other side–tie ends together to create a pull cord.

To Paint Your Monogram:

•Enlarge your monogram by printing it out on your computer as a multiple page poster 3 pages by 3 pages (if your computer does not have this program, you can take your monogram to be enlarged at any photocopy store such as Kinkos or Staples)

•Trim the edges of each page and tape them together to create one large poster size monogram (skip this step if you took it to get enlarged at a photocopy store)

•Place your poster sized monogram underneath your fabric

•Trace with a pencil


PS: Make sure to put some paper between the runner and the monogram so the paint doesn’t stick.

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