Wedding Style: Ten Things a Groom Should Know

by - 2:19 PM

#1: Start planning early. The earlier you figure out the style of tuxedo or wedding suit you’re looking for, the sooner you can put down a deposit. Booking farther in advance often gets you a nice discount, as well as the assurance that your favorite design won’t get snapped up by another groom at the last minute.

#2: Involve your bride. No matter what we believe about equality of the sexes, your wedding day is really about your bride. Your job is to treat her to the fairytale princess fantasy that she’s been dreaming of since she was eight, as long as your budget allows it. Pick your battles wisely, remembering that every concession you make at this stage of the relationship pays off threefold in the honeymoon suite.

#3: Go online. Even if you’re not comfortable purchasing clothes online, do your homework about designers and retailers. Use the online directory from the International Formalwear Association http://www.formalwear.orgto locate an excellent, “under the radar” tuxedo specialist in your neighborhood. Bring photos you collected online to your local tuxedo shop

#4: Your groomsmen have to buy their own outfits. So, keep it real. Find a price point that works for all the guys on your list. Even if they really want to be a part of your special day, one of your groomsmen might have to turn down your offer if money’s tight. That’s why it’s so important to look for the best possible deal.

#5: Observe the rules of etiquette. No matter what your favorite rock star wore to the Video Music Awards, your bride and her family expect you to dress and behave like a true gentleman. That means staying within the bounds of proper wedding fashion. Avoid wearing white outside of the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Cutaway jackets should have only one tail before 6 p.m., and two tails after.
#6: Learn to tie that tie! If you don’t know how to tie a bow tie, this is your best opportunity to learn. Even though you can get some decent looking clasp ties, nothing will look as good on your wedding day as a sharp bow tie that you tied yourself. Call in reinforcements if your need to, even if that means taking your tailor out to lunch.

#7: Don’t suck in that gut. You’re not trying to escape from a trap like Harry Houdini. Your tailor has the skill to make you look superb in a tuxedo, no matter what shape your body is in. Let the real you hang out during your fitting sessions. If you’re holding something in, the bulges in your jacket will betray you on your wedding day.

#8: Micromanage your groomsmen. One of the most common causes of wedding stress for grooms is the tendency for at least one of the groomsmen to lose track of their schedule, miss their tuxedo fittings, or even fail to pick up their wedding day attire. Keep a timetable of important deadlines that gives you a day or two of extra wiggle room if you need it. Then, connect with your tailor or your tuxedo shop to make sure your guys are all on track. Don’t wait for catastrophe to strike on your wedding day!

#9: Sweat the small stuff. Pay close attention to the details, especially as you get closer to your wedding day. Remember that your special event will be as well documented and as scrutinized as any reality show, so stay on top of the little things. As girly as it sounds, treating yourself to a simple manicure a day or two before the wedding will make your hands look good and keep your nails from catching on a tux or on a gown. Take your wedding shoes to a professional bootblack for a flawless shoeshine. And purchase a lint roller just for the occasion.

#10: Enjoy how great you look. Your wedding day is one of the few times in your life where you’ll be looking fabulous in front of a large group of people. Your tuxedo’s not just there for the sake of tradition, though. Work it! Tuxedos have been in fashion for over a century now because guys look really good in tuxedos! Learn to graciously accept compliments, and revel in the amazement at how well you “cleaned up.” If you need any other validation, just check the expression on your bride’s face. If she can’t figure out whether she wants your clothes off or on, your tailor did an excellent job.

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