Wedding Budget Checklist

Budget Analysis

After you have completed this budget, you will have a much better idea of what your wedding will cost. You can then prioritize and allocate your money accordingly. This budget is divided into many  categories like Ceremony (church), Reception,  Videography, Stationery, Reception, Music, Bakery, Flowers, Decorations, Transportation, Rental Items, Gifts, Parties, and Miscellaneous. 

To determine the total cost of your wedding, estimate the amount of money you will spend on each item in the budget analysis and write that amount in the "Estimated Cost" column after each item. Make sure you remove the amounts that are traditionally paid by the groom or his family. If you  find, after adding up all your subtotals, that the total amount is more than what you had in mind to spend, simply decide which items are more important to you and adjust your expenses accordingly. 

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Wedding Budgeting Tool
Estimated CostActual Cost
Ceremony Site Fees$ $
Reception Site Fees $ $
Caterer $ $
Wedding Cake $ $
Consultant $ $
Bridal Attire $ $
Groom's Attire $ $
Invitations $ $
Announcements $ $
Accessories $ $
Calligraphy $ $
Thank You Notes $ $
Postage Stamps $ $
Photographer $ $
Wedding Package $ $
Videography $ $
Ceremony Music $ $
Reception Music $ $
Ceremony Flowers $ $
Bouquets $ $
Corsages / Boutonnieres $ $
Flowers for Wedding
$ $
Flowers for Reception $ $
Officiants - Clergy$ $
Transportation $ $
Attendants Gifts $ $
Wedding Favors $ $
Honeymoon $ $
Rental Equipment
$ $
Extras $ $
Wedding Parties$ $


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