DIY Weddings Project Checklist

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DIY Weddings Project Checklist - by DIY Bride 

12-9 Months till D-Day

  • All of your weddings details will be based on a few key choices, so they need to be in place before you can move forward: the date and time of the wedding, the church, and reception locations, and the number of guests. 
  • Create a list of projects you'd like to make for your wedding. Keep them in mind when thinking about your budget, schedule, and wedding theme. 
  • For each project, use a Project planning sheet so you can keep track of all the details - when you'll do the project, who is going to lend a hand, and the supplies you'll need, and where to get them. 
  • Start talking about a realistic budget with your sweetheart. Now's the time to begin saving your cash and comparison  shopping for the best deals on supplies and services. 
  • Don't be caught off gaurd when gifts start rolling in right after you become engaged. Have a few From-the-Heart Thank- You Cards on hand so that you're always ready to send heartfelt thanks. 
  • Schedule a shoot with your photographer as soon as possible if you're using professional shots in any of your save-the date mailings or invitations.  Allow for plenty of time to get back proofs, order prints, and schedule any reshoots (not that you'll need them, gorgeous you!)
  • Think about the details you want to include in your wedding that will make it truly yours. What's your theme or color scheme? Start buying supplies that fit your style and vision. 8-6 Months till D-Day
  • It's invitation planning time! The sooner you start your invitations, the better, as these usually take longer to complete than couples expect. 
  • Send out save-the-dates to your out-of-town guests. 
  • Take inventory of your time-commitments and obligations. Get a grip on how much free time you have to devote to all of the projects you want to complete, and talk to friends and family about helping out. This is the first step in preventing DIY overwhelm. 
  • This is the perfect time to check off the few smaller projects on your-to-do-list that you can handle on your own, like the Lace Flower-girl's Basket, and wire Bird's-Nest Ring Pillow. 
5-3 Months till D-Day 
  • Making a few projects that reflect your sense of style will really make the wedding yours. 
  • There's a bachelorette party in your future! Grab your maid of honor to discuss plans for your last hurrah as a single girl. Coordinate a date and time and show her that lovely Day Spa Bachelorette Party Invite that you would love! ;)
  • Buy supplies and create the Feather Boutonnieres for the groom and the guys in the wedding party. 
  • Dont forget about the maids! Make a pair of Bridesmaid Button Hairpins for each of them, according to your wedding theme or each gal's particular style. 
8-4 Weeks to go ! 
  • Time to think about the actual Church Ceremony and how you want it to look when you walk down the aisle. 
  • Also think about what the area where your friends and family will mingle before the reception would look like. 
  • You deserve your name in lights - or at least your Initials in glitter! Assemble the Glitter & Shine Monograms. Be sure to check whether your venue allows you to use nails or pins to hang items on the doors or walls. If not, this project works well displayed on the cake table, the bride and groom's table, a mantel, or a windowsill. 
  • A wedding program is a great memento for your guests at the ceremony. Design and create the Sew Divine Ceremony Programs, and remember to keep a few extras as keepsakes! 
  • For full-on fondant fun, my retro brides, create the adorable Groovy Owl cake Toppers. 
  • Follow up with any vendors and venues about last-minute details: Balance due, any changes to service, or updates for the guest list. 
3-1 Weeks to go ! 
  • Your guest list is complete, your seating is finalized, and now it's time to schedule a handful of solo projects. Budget some alone time during these last few weeks to decompress while you polish off some crafty reception essentials. 
  • Once you've decided on your getaway car (or horse-drawn carriage, Vespa (scooter) or hot air balloon, create the Just-Married Banner. 
  • Think about all the friends and family who are coming together to celebrate your big day as you create the Magnetic Clothespin Seating Chart. 
  • Sit back, put your feet up, and take some time to reminisce. Making the Memory Lane Table Marker will have you thinking about your amazing history before you embark on your blissfully married future. 
  • Wouldn't it be genius to keep the celebration going with a post-wedding brunch? This is a great way for those closest to you to bid you bon voyage before your honeymoon. Take a look at the Post-Wedding Brunch Place Setting a fashionable fix for morning after festivities. 
  • Before a DIY Bride means putting your personal stamp on your wedding, so let's get literal with the stamped Cocktail Napkin! Your guests won't soon forget this detail. 
6-2 Days to go! 
  • You're so on track for your one-of a kind wedding. Keep up the crafty momentum in this final push. Show your guests how happy you are to have them at your wedding by carfully crafting the favor of your choice like the cupcake in a Jar Favor, or Milk & Cookies Favor. Beseech a friend with an eye for design to organize the display of the party favors at the reception (It's just a few days away!) You'll have volunteers lining up once you bride them with the delicious treats you've created. 
  • Make Customized Water Bottle Labels and have the bottles ready to go for thirsty celebrators at the reception. 
  • Don't let these hectic days get the best of you. Take a moment or two to relax with your sweetheart and remember what this whole thing is about. 
1 day to go D-Day! 
  • You're oh-so close! Relieve any logistics-related stress by indulging in some pre-wedding pampering so that you will be your glowing, gorgeous self tomorrow. 
  • Coordinate the assembly, pick-up and delivery of ceremony and reception projects with your helpers. Double-check that a few gentle hands will hang the Carnation Pomander on the chairs. And ask a few Zen friends to work with the Asian Rock & Bamboo Centerpieces. 
  • Make sure your munchie-affiliated guests will be able get their hands on a treat tomorrow a candy buffet you may choose to have. 
  • Confirm any last-minute changes with your vendors, wedding party, and helpers. 
6 hours to go! 
  • Can you believe it It's the Big Day! You have made it ! You are hours away from walking down the aisle, and that means finishing touches can be left in the capable hands of most trusted pals: 
    • A flock of early birds will assemble the favors at the hall. 
    • A tag-team will tackle the flower-citrus centerpieces
    • Say "Say Cheese!" A tech-savy pal will put up the DIY Photo Booth
Post- Wedding 
  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd Exhale! You've got a nice tan, and there's a slice of cake stowed safely in the freezer. Now it's time to say thanks to everyone who made your one-of-a-kind wedding happen. Send thank-you notes for gifts received at or after the wedding 
  • Upcycle your ab fab Crafty Countdown wedding crafts, so you've got good vibes around at all times. The Magnetic Clothespin Seating Chart you made will keep your office organized - just clip important notes to it! 
  • Take a look at the silly and sweet memories your friends and family captured in your DIY Photo Booth scrapbook! 

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