12 Months Before Wedding Day

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12 Months before Wedding Day-
  • Figure out a budget and who's going to pay for what. 
  • Think about the Weddings style, size, date, and site. 
  • Reserve the ceremony and reception venues. 
  • Start looking at dresses in magazines and on websites. 
  • Mail save-the-date cards. 
10 Months before Wedding Day- 
  • Select  your official for the church ceremony. 
  • Choose your attendants. 
  • Hire a wedding planner, if needed. 
  • Scout for a caterer, florist, DJ or band, and photographer.
8 Months before Wedding Day- 
  • Book the caterer, florist, DJ or band, and photographer; adjust your budget after getting estimates.
  • Create a wedding website. 
  • Order your dress. (If you're buying off the rack, this can wait a few months.)

6 Months before Wedding Day-
  • Meet with the vendors to plan the details (flowers, rentals, menu, cake, drinks). 
  • Order the invitations, or start DIYing them. 
  • Register for gifts. 
  • Shop for the bridesmaids' outfits. 
  • Order the wedding rings. 
  • Reserve the limo(s).
  • Research and book the honeymoon. 
4 Months before Wedding Day- 
  • Give the final guest list and the invitation envelopes to your calligrapher.
  • Have the bridesmaids order their dresses. 
  • Talk to your fiance about what he and the guys will wear. 
  • Schedule the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. 
2 Months before Wedding Day- 
  • Check your state's requirements for a marriage license. 
  • Mail the invitations.
  • Do a hair-and-makeup trial. 
  • Choose your accessories (shoes, jewelry).
  • Order or make the favors.
6 Weeks before Wedding Day-
  • Print the Programs.
  • Buy the gifts for members of the wedding party. 
  • Send the wedding announcement to newspapers. 
2 Weeks before Wedding Day- 
  • Submit a shot list to your photographer. 
  • Go for your final dress fitting. 
  • Get the marriage license. 
  • Submit the DJ/band playlist.
1 Week before Wedding Day- 
  • Pick up your dress. 
  • Confirm the vendor details. 
  • Break in your shoes by wearing them around the house.
  • Submit the final guest count to your caterer.
  • Pack for the honeymoon. 
  • Write out the seating and place cards. 
1 Day before Wedding Day- 
  • Put the wedding-day tips (money) in envelopes. 
  • Reconfirm all pickup times and locations.
  • Go for a manicure and Pedicure. ( Do waxings or facials no fewer than four days before.) (For the bride)
  • Hold the rehearsal and dinner. (Ghneh)
  • Eat small, light meals. 
  • Do your hair and makeup, get dressed 30 minutes before the photographer's arrival. 
  • Knock 'em dead. :)
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