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Arno and his band have been playing music together for over 14 years. They have performed at hundreds of weddings, engagement parties, christenings, birthdays and anniversaries throughout the United States.

They have also appeared at numerous non-profit events put together by different Armenian organizations such as the Navasartian Games, Armenian Fest, etc…

Their live music consists of songs from Arno’s recent album “Carousel Of Stars” and the very latest popular songs from many famous Armenian singers.

Arno and his band are sure to liven up any party or event with their upbeat music and high energy. Arno also performs a set of international songs in English, Greek, Persian and Arabic.

Arno’s rates are very reasonable and affordable. His band consists of live drums, bass guitar, solo guitar, and keyboards. He offers different packages including DJ’s, clarinet music as part of the band, and dhol-zuran-accordion music for weddings.

So if you want your guests to be impressed and dance the night away, you can’t go wrong with Arno and his band.

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