When a Dazzling Wedding Ring Is Your Thing- By Sofia Angeli

It’s a symbol of love, commitment and togetherness. The wedding ring becomes even more precious than its price tag because of what it represents. No wonder most couples want only the best they can afford when it comes to wedding rings.

There are even couples who specifically ask for rings that have more sparkle than the usual. If you’re also someone who thinks that simple wedding bands aren’t good enough for you, you should explore rings designed with multiple stones.  

For the Bride

Bridal set - Matching diamond wedding and engagement rings  are the ultimate for a bride who wants eye-catching jewellery. The band of the engagement ring would have the same stones and setting as the wedding ring. Usually, the only difference between the two rings is the centre stone on the engagement ring. 

The three-stone ring - It’s more often used as an engagement ring, but it’s actually one of the classic choices for wedding rings with diamonds. This ring setting looks romantic in vintage designs. If this is your style, highly recommended designs for both glamour and romance are Art Deco and Victorian.

Pavé-set diamond ring – Want to have a ring that looks like its band is made of solid diamond instead of metal? Go for a wedding band with pavé-set diamonds. In this setting, small diamonds are encrusted on the surface of the band with no visible prongs or other metal parts.

You can have the band covered with stones only halfway for a half-pavé, or you can have a full-pavé and have the row of diamonds go all the way around the band’s surface. You need to keep in mind, though, that a pavé setting requires more than a few diamonds that makes the ring more expensive than those with other designs.

75 Simple “DO’S and DONT’S" for your wedding


1. Plan your day for yourself, not for others
2. Take advantage of the Internet (sites, search engines etc.)
3. Get the groom to be involved, it’s his wedding too
4. Seat older guests away from loud music
5. Pamper yourself! Treat your mom and girls to a spa day before the wedding
6. Be realistic about weight loss goals when selecting your gown
7. Remember to involve step parents in some way
8. Think about your attendants likes and dislikes before purchasing the 
attendant gifts
9. Consider some of your photos in black and white, they are timeless
10. Remember to allow time for table visits during your reception
11. Pick a song for your first dance that has meaning or a good memory for the 
two of you
12. Remember evening receptions are assumed to be more formal than day time 
13. Have someone else do your makeup, you will be too nervous and critical
14. Consider having wedding and reception at one location, it is much easier for 
15. Don’t overbook your limo, they will usually seat 10
16. Send your invitations out 6-8 weeks before the wedding
17. Send your thank you notes out no later than 3 months after the wedding
18. Look for your ceremony and reception sites first-one year out is average
19. Don’t invite guests you really don’t want to see at your wedding
20. Try to stay within your allocated budget

Styles In Bloom: Text By Kelly Lack

Article was found from Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. Written by Kelly Lack and Photographs done by Johnny Miller. 

"Whether you lean toward Classic, Romantic, Modern, or Bohemian looks in fashion, your wedding day flowers can make a similar statement." Here, eight ways to follow suit.

Classic: Crisp white blossoms evoke timeless and are every bit as versatile as a little black dress. They look elegant in all types of venues- from churches to loft spaces- and possess limitless, year-round appeal.

The Ceremony Marker:
Exchange rings backed by French tulips, calla lilies, and inexpensive azalea branches (opposite). The boughs' buds, paired with umbrella ferns - a throwback to the 1800's- give the sprays a vintage air; glossy vases (Jamali Floral& Garden Supplies, $80 each, jamaligarden.com) keep them current.

12 Months Before Wedding Day

12 Months before Wedding Day-
  • Figure out a budget and who's going to pay for what. 
  • Think about the Weddings style, size, date, and site. 
  • Reserve the ceremony and reception venues. 
  • Start looking at dresses in magazines and on websites. 
  • Mail save-the-date cards. 
10 Months before Wedding Day- 
  • Select  your official for the church ceremony. 
  • Choose your attendants. 
  • Hire a wedding planner, if needed. 
  • Scout for a caterer, florist, DJ or band, and photographer.

Wedding Style: Ten Things a Groom Should Know

#1: Start planning early. The earlier you figure out the style of tuxedo or wedding suit you’re looking for, the sooner you can put down a deposit. Booking farther in advance often gets you a nice discount, as well as the assurance that your favorite design won’t get snapped up by another groom at the last minute.

#2: Involve your bride. No matter what we believe about equality of the sexes, your wedding day is really about your bride. Your job is to treat her to the fairytale princess fantasy that she’s been dreaming of since she was eight, as long as your budget allows it. Pick your battles wisely, remembering that every concession you make at this stage of the relationship pays off threefold in the honeymoon suite.

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